Feelings & Emotions

Feelings are given to us by God in order that we can experience emotions.

DSC_0310 2 copyJesus experienced joy, wept and had righteous anger. However He distinguished His emotions from reason and so must we. The emotion of anger is an internal alarm to warn us of possible threatening situations or conditions. If we discipline our children, for example, by using our anger in ways that devalue them or provoke them to anger, we misuse emotion.

Even though feelings are important , we should not allow them to to direct our behaviour. 

The approach of a Christian who has a mind of Christ should be “I know what I think and how I feel, but I will do what God instructs”.
We therefore should be conformed to the image of Christ in all out thoughts and deeds.

Prayer: Father guide my heart from every onslaught of emotions that are not from you and help me into the knowledge of your truth always as I receive wisdom from your Word in Jesus name.