Christ Faith Tabernacle Int’l Churches
International Headquarters
CFT Cathedral
Ebenezer Building
186 Powis Street
London SE18 6NL

Tel: 020 8316 2332 or 020 7635 0447


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  1. I minister the lords flocks for the outpouring of His love,and blessings blessings to the afflicted in Kenya. Our ministry of Salem Christian Family Church is involved in doing many things with very limited Resources. Some of our missionary and missions involvements are:- Missions and missionary work (Short-TERM and Long Term) 2. Church planting 3. Discipline ship and prayer programmer 4. Teaching ministries and Church leadership training 5. Kingdom business enterprises income generating initiatives. 6. Widows/ orphans/disabled or physically challenged/destitute support/care programmes and projects 7. Community development projects/programs as evangelistic tools/Relief services for example clean drinking water provision, farming and food security, environment conservation programmes, HIV Patients and the affected programmes, etc. 8. Children/youth/women/family ministries and old people giving food, shelter and clothes 9. Church/Christian networking and partnerships. Currently I need the funds for Church planting programmes in unreached areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan and Sudan. I am struggling with all those programs and many of them are not doing Well because of the poor African environments where I work. I need Your prayer, support and expertise. We are abased at Homa Bay Kenya which is an area where the divine word of God is yet to reach and fill broken hearts through faith in Him who was crucified for our sins sake.. Our ministry works in Africa in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda and in South East Asia at Pakistan. We have good accountability at church Please communicate with us on how we can work together in partnership. We have many Church evangelistic God children orphanage projects and other sector rural bible school programmes which we can readily avail to you for consideration for support and or involvement. We pray for the gifts of the Holly spirit to guide your heart for divine helping hands towards Phase one implementation of this needy project for the afflicted families in Kenya. May God bless you so much am looking forward to hear from you.. May God bless you and keeps you, Charles muga


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