Are You an Eagle or a Turkey?

When the storms in our personal lives arrive not with the purpose of defeating us, or forcing us to take shelter, but to do the exact opposite?

What if the purpose of the storm is to lift us up; to give us the opportunity to bravely spread our wings, to push us in a new direction, to new heights? What opportunities would we be able to see if we could rise above negative thoughts, judgements or limiting beliefs about what we can be, do, or have in this life?

I don’t know about you but I think I am going to follow the eagles lead.

Did you know that the eagle is the only bird which flies directly into a storm? It is the turbulence of the winds that the other birds avoid, that the eagle seeks. A turkey would has scampered for shelter in the face of a storm but not an eagle. You see the eagle knows a little something that the other birds do not, turbulence pushes the eagle higher. So when a storm moves in eagles don’t seek shelter, they fly into it, embracing it. Eagles use the bad weather to gain entry into a space that they could never have reached in good weather, and their reward for this act of boldness? The eagles are given a broader view of their surroundings. This bird’s eye view also comes with the added benefit that once they rises above the storm they are clear of the rough winds and their flight becomes smoother, requires less effort!

Now that got me thinking…

So when storms of life arise I get down on my knees with prayer and supplication while waiting for an answer because I am a HEIR of SALVATION.

Prayer: I thank you for you never leave nor forsake me, open my eyes to see the right direction you have ordained for me in this situation. Help me Lord to soar as an eagle over all turbulences and challenges that the storms of live brings in Jesus name.


Your Enemy Is A Liar

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).

Satan diabolically uses lies to deceive God’s people. He appeals to our emotions and directs his attacks to a point of contention in our lives. For instance the saying “Half of all Christian marriages end in divorce”, but this does not have to be true of yours. You have to stand firm in your faith. If you are struggling, there is help. When you seek Him, God will provide a solution to your broken life.

“A new job is on the way and another contract will set you debt free”

Remember, God’s Truth that there is never a time when adultery is acceptable. Most often Satan attacks our weakness and makes it feel that we are undergoing attacks from our family members or friends so we personalize failure and attach faces to them. For instance, to those unhappy in their marriages, he will say: “You are having problems in your marriage, right? God wants you to be happy. The person you are with does not understand you. In fact, she doesn’t love you, she is not God’s choice for you, but your co-worker—the one who sits and listens to your every word and laughs at all your jokes—loves you. She will make you happy. This is a lie from “the pit of hell” 
Stop accepting the lies of the enemy. If you feel that you have drifted from God in any area of your life, then you have to turn back to Him right now. Tell Him that you need His help. He is the “God of Wonder” There is hope for your future because Jesus lives.

Prayer: Lord, help me to stay focused on Your Truth. Fortify my heart with Your Word of life. Please forgive me for believing the lies of the enemy rather than seeking You to meet my needs. Help me to stand focussed on You alone this I pray in the name of Jesus.