Promotion comes from God

“God is the judge on promotion so He has decided who gets promoted, when and how to get promoted, and to what level.”

All our inward or outward schemes cannot gain anything for us unless they are based upon the fear and love of God. Only godliness will prove our promotion and true riches. God will show us “a pure River of water of life, clear as crystal, preceding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb” Revelation 22:1

DSC_0005 4 copyPrayer: Father touch the heart of all those you have placed on my path to fulfilling your destiny and purpose for my life, let them work for my favour in Jesus name.


How to Prosper!

If you mediate on what Psalms 37:18 and Jeremiah 17:8 state, you will descern that the will of God is that during a resounding recession Christians should really begin to prosper. I want you to consider this today and put your life in line with the scriptures (WORD) trusting that HIS promises will be fulfilled in your life.

Prayer: Lord make possible all that men thought is impossible in my life, even before their very eyes. Amen.

MAY God bless you mightily.