The gift of dreams is like any other gift from God which should be appreciated and not neglected. It is important to be able to discern in order to positively exercise the gift of dreams.
God communicated with Joseph in his sleep in Matthew 1:18-25, Joseph dreamed about the heavenly descending back to earth in the valley in Ezekiel 37:1.

As Dreams can be misused it is essential as a child of God that you exercise the glory of God always. What you feed yourself with through your eyes can affect your dreams, therefore it is important that you guide your spirit from pollution at any time.

Prayer:Father help me by your Holy Spirit to have and be able to understand my dreams. Expose the plans of the wicked one and his cohorts over my life in dreams and empower me with the foreknowledge of your things to come in Jesus name.

Have a victorious dream today.

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