Apostle Williams at John Wesley's ChurchApostle Alfred Williams started in Olivet Deptford Baptist Church, London, where he later became the assistant Minister in 1986-1988 under the leadership of Pastor Don Bishop. In this church, God used Apostle Williams mightily as people were getting saved, healed and baptised in the Holy Ghost. The number of attendance quickly exploded both for Sunday service and weekly prayer meetings.

In January 1989, Apostle Williams resumed another appointment in the Christ Apostolic Church Lagos, Nigeria, where God used him mightily in the area of salvation, healing, signs and wonders and deliverance as many Muslims, occults and witch doctors gave their lives to Jesus, made public denunciation of their old master Satan, surrendered their satanic instruments and declared for Jesus.

Many demons were cast out of people, blind eyes were opened, lame walked, barren women conceived, various sicknesses like cancer, diabetes, bone and blood problems were healed, creative miracles happened like goitre, swollen parts of bodies and operation marks disappeared.  Handkerchiefs and aprons were taken away from his meeting and they healed the sick. Jesus did supernatural wonders in those meetings.

My encounters with Jesus and His anglesThe Lord has appeared to Apostle Williams a number of times and he has been taken to Heaven couple of times.

In August, Apostle Williams came back from Nigeria to London seeking God for the next step hence the revelation of Christ Faith Tabernacle in September 1989. The first meeting was held in Apostle Williams’ house in October 1989 with a congregation of thirty-three adults.

This number grew considerably weekly. The group went on as a fellowship, meeting once a week till the end of February 1990. On Sunday, March 4 1990, the first church service was started at All Saints Church, New cross Road, SE14 London.

From that time till now, the Church has been planted in various Nations spanning through four continents.


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  1. apostle Alfred Williams, thanks be to GOD the good work that He is using you to do here on earth.from what heard about you , The lord have taken you to heaven twice. please can you share with us what u saw there?


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