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Have no Confidence in the Flesh

Take a moment and reflect on this; are there things you need to stop putting your confidence in? Is your confidence upon your intelligence, your contacts, family or personal strength? Cursed is the person who depends on another being for strength. Such a person will not see prosperity when it comes knocking. Every opportunity to prosper from God will elude the person. This person will dwell in the perched places of the desert.

Beloved, life on a desert can be very difficult one and the consequencies of placing trust in man could be very dissastrous, regardless of whom they are, it leads to terrible dissapointments and failure. (Jeremiah 17}

When we start to do things God’s way instead of our own way, we experience great benefits. We have peace, freedom and awesome power..
Make up your mind today to place your confidence in the one and only God.

Prayer: Father this is the season of my favor, answer me, O Lord, and grant the request of my heart.


Speak life over your situation all the time!

Photo Credit: Wiki

Photo Credit: Wiki

“The Law of the spirit of life does not work automatically. It must be activated.”

What are your first words when you face any form of affliction? Your first words in the face of affliction are extremely important and decisive of what happens next. The words you speak license spiritual laws to go into operation for or against you expressly. They either allow sin and death to take over or they activate the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

The moment those words come out of your mouth, one of the above laws is set in motion. Unless you do something to stop it, it will continue to function, growing stronger and stronger until it accomplishes a pre-designed outcome or result.

Thank God, as born-again believers, we’re in Him and as Romans 8:2 says “…because through Christ Jesus the law of Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death” Since life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) – speak life over your situation all the time!

Prayer: Father, as a believer, direct me by Your Spirit to the place You have prepared for me. Open my eyes Lord to see the way that is right before You and guide the words that come out of my mouth in Jesus name.


God gives the ability to produce wealth!

The Almighty God is our provider and that has never changed. However as human beings we sometimes present our requests to men, rather than the all sufficient God who is able to give unto us the desires of our heart.
Remember Deuteronomy 8:18 it is God that gives the ability to produce wealth, power of revelation and wisdom to do all things. Therefore you must commit yourself totally to HIM, obeying HIS instructions firmly in worship, in service and in giving.

Prayer; Father I ask for the manifestation of Your wisdom and the ability You have given me to produce wealth. Help me to maximise this ability and connect me with those who matter for the manifestation of my destiny in Jesus name.