Have no Confidence in the Flesh

Take a moment and reflect on this; are there things you need to stop putting your confidence in? Is your confidence upon your intelligence, your contacts, family or personal strength? Cursed is the person who depends on another being for strength. Such a person will not see prosperity when it comes knocking. Every opportunity to prosper from God will elude the person. This person will dwell in the perched places of the desert.

Beloved, life on a desert can be very difficult one and the consequencies of placing trust in man could be very dissastrous, regardless of whom they are, it leads to terrible dissapointments and failure. (Jeremiah 17}

When we start to do things God’s way instead of our own way, we experience great benefits. We have peace, freedom and awesome power..
Make up your mind today to place your confidence in the one and only God.

Prayer: Father this is the season of my favor, answer me, O Lord, and grant the request of my heart.


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