Consider deeply the truth of God’s Word

We live our lives according to what our perception of what is true that is according to what we think is real. But if our perceptios are false and we fail to consider deeply the truth of God’s Word. We will be easily led astray by Satan’s counterfeits. Philippians 4:7 says that the peace of God guides our minds. God protects us this way as wrong thoughts are a breeding ground for Satan’s lies. As there is no truth in him. John 8:44

We are not immune to the Devil’s schemes Ephesians 6:11 in fact we must constantly be on our guard lest we are deceived just as Eve was by the serpent’s cunning and be led astray – 2 Cor 11:3.
Let the “Mind of Christ” be your greatest goal this year.

Prayer: Holy Spirit I surrender to Your leadership and tutelage this year. Direct me in all my aspirations and decisions, help me into all truths about my life this year in Jesus name.

Have a lovely day.

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